About Kevin

Kevin Bruce TaylorI was born in Santa Cruz, California, and when just a young chap, my family moved to Seattle. A few years later we moved again to Tallahassee, Florida (along trip), and here I am.

In my early life (my first career) I was a rock musician (guitar) traveling on the road for about ten years. My next job was cook, and eventually I became a manager for several restaurants. I learned a lot about running businesses efficiently – which turned out to be useful later on.

I became interested in technology during my restaurant years, and spent time learning as much as I could. At a certain point, I realized I wanted to be more active in technology, and fortunately, I landed a job as computer technician at Florida State University. But after 3 years the University fell on hard financial times and some staff were released – I was one of them. Thinking this would be a good time to branch out on my own, I spent the next two years learning marketing.

But obviously that’s not the end of my story. During those years of studying marketing I was enjoying my camera and spent lots of time taking photos. I became more and more interested in photography and finally I decided to go “solo” and make photography my profession. But I also wanted to keep my marketing skills fresh – with the idea of not only marketing my photography business, but also helping other businesses improve their efficiency and marketing.

I love being a photographer! Photography is a complicated, exciting, and satisfying art. Like the other arts it takes a long time to become an expert. Everywhere I go I keep my eyes open for great photographic opportunities. Sometimes I don’t have a DSLR with me, but I always carry a small camera. Then I can take a quick shot, examine it, and return later with my regular camera gear.

But the majority of my photos are planned – I travel to special places with ideas in mind about the kinds of scenes I want to capture. Sometimes my photos are one-shot, meaning that each one stands alone with no particular connection to other photos. But other times I take related photos and use them to tell stories of my journeys to wonderful cities and amazing landscapes.

Regardless of the ways I’m involved in my photography, on this site I want to share my photos with you. Nature scenes (landscapes, wildlife, etc.) is one of my favorites, and another is architecture: I look for buildings with special appeal and (or) beauty. However, I ‘m not committed  to only those two topics. My photography interests are broad and that’s why you’ll see a variety of photos on this site.

Aside from my photos, I want to make your photographic life easier by posting articles that help you along your way, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced photographer. And since I know something about technology and marketing, I’ll also offer you some useful information about those two timely topics. I try to make these articles practical, no-nonsense ways to accomplish photo-taking tasks. Let me know if you think they’re too complicated or perhaps too simple-minded!

I’m also an active member of NAPP and PPA.