Mac Preview Alternative

September 22, 2014

Hey guys: If you’re disgusted with Preview, the slow Mac photo viewer, try Lyn ( I ran across this little gem while searching for a Preview replacement.

Lyn is intuitive: After you install it, just drag your photo folder (raw, or almost any other format) directly from your camera’s card (or your desktop) to the Lyn icon in your app dock. Lyn then will open almost immediately with your photos installed and ready to view.

Here’s a screen shot. Notice the basic editing bar on the right.

Lyn Photo Previewer

An information bar for each photo can be displayed. Now that’s something I find really useful! See the screen shot below.

Lyn Photo Previewer

Among the other features I like: You can trash photos within Lyn and you can send your photos directly to email and social media.

Lyn has a 15 day trail period, and after that, the cost is $20. The company upgrades it on a regular basis – something I’ve learned to appreciate.

Give Lyn a try!

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