Memory Cards Explained

August 31, 2015

Memory cards explainedPhotographers usually do a lot of research to find the best cameras, tripods, and accessories, but sometimes they don’t think about memory cards. All they know is they want a reliable SD or Compact Flash card that won’t break or go bad over time, and is fast in transferring photos to and from the card.

But it’s useful to have a better understanding the features of memory cards. All cards are labeled with codes that indicate transfer speed, and it’s a good idea to understand these codes. After all, you want to buy a card that’s best suited for your camera (stills and videos) and your type of shooting.

Cris Silvestri’s article identifies these codes and describes their meanings, making it a lot easier for you to buy the right card.

And also do your research on the various brands. Like most other products, memory cards vary from company to company!

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